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Local attractions - Liou historic home

Visitors came to the Sage King Temple, will often notice the old house next to the temple,the most special place of this house is the color painting wall, The wall that read "fragrant wind from south" on the outer door forehead, "blessing star shining" on the inner door, emitting a thick Taiwanese architecture style, and beautiful moving environment. This old house was built in about 1881 by the owner Mr. Liou Pian-Nan, dating back over 145 year history, according to Sigang local cultural workers situ visits, Liou Historic home is probably the oldest extant historic home in Sigang, with great historical value. In addition to the historical value, this old house is also widely favorite by photographers, antique architecture attracts many photographers to came here shooting pictures.

Location: Tainan City Sigang District Lioutso Village.