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Local attractions - Liou house tombs

Tsengwen Creek has flooded repeatedly throughout history, Liou house nearby terrain increased by several feet in every flood, therefore Liou house ancestors tombs have long been buried under the ground.
In 1984, Liou house clan was set up, " Liou sectarian clan", began working genealogy compilation work, also planning to dig out ancestors tombs. The Liou clan took many years of hard work, finally in 2001, two tombs excavated successfully, namely Taiwan's Liou ancestor Liou Deng-Kui, as well as the second generation ancestral mother Liou Chen Xiao-Shu tomb.

Brought to light two ancestor tombs, covering an area of more than 1000 square feet, there are 13 feet from the ground (about four meters deep), unspoiled because long buried in the ground, still preserved quite intact when unearthed.
The first generation of the Founding ancestors Liou Deng-Kui, born in 1639, died in 1714, 288 years till the tomb unearthed; The second generation ancestral mother Liou Chen Xiao-Shu tomb seats southeast toward the northwest, died in 1768, 233 years of history till the tomb unearthed.

Liou house ancestral tombs unearthed was big news, not only attracted the attention of scholars and the government, also attracted press and television media coverage. According to National Chengkung University Department of History, professor Lin Ming-Rui actually involved in the excavations, he said the bricks of tombs came from mainland China by sea, judged by the rare spectacular patterns and advanced materials, Liou Deng-Kui's influence in the Ming dynasty are clear, but at present there is no literature found Liou Deng-Kui hold any official position.

Liou house two tombs preserved quite intact, with characteristics of their own, was selected as one of the ten Nanying historic buildings. The tombs are quiet and beautiful, witness the evolution of Taijiang inland, and remember pioneering ancestors arduous journey to Taiwan, has become one of the Sigang historical attractions not to be missed.

Location: Tainan City Sigang District Lioutso Village.