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Rush is a special plant, commonly known as "salty grass" or "the triangle grass” in the south since the plant, as its namesake, is a natural triangle. Freshly picked rush is cut into two to three strips by steel wire, sun-dried, and emits a natural fragrance that carries "the taste of the sun".

After the initial processing, the sponge-like interior of the rush plant makes it a common material for mats and cushions.
Rush mats can absorbed body heat, thus, in summer, sleeping on rush mats can reduce the temperature by one to two degrees, giving it a cool and comfortable sensation.

Shelin Village is located at Zengwun River on the north shore and it is the easternmost village of the Sigang District. The residents there are hospitable and agriculture-based. In recent years, the government and the local authorities have been promoting community building work, actively looking for products representing the local community. Under chance encounter, local Maosing mat factory provides dried and processed rush to the community so that the moms in the community, under guidance, can work with their limitless imagination and nimble fingers to create unique handicrafts. Consequently, rush is woven into bags and daily necessities, giving it a new definition to its life.