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Local attractions - Tsengwen Creek flood control monument

Sigang older residents said in metaphor that Tsengwen Creek is "green eyes snake" (blind snakes), to describe its repeatedly flood diversion. It is because of this fleeting blind snake Tsengwen Creek brought a lot of fertile alluvial soil, so that the Nanhai village area is the main reason for agricultural development.

Japanese colonial government was very troubled by the flooding of Tsengwen Creek, finally decided to hold Tsengwen flood control project in 1931, and forced the then Yangli village to move away. Flood control was difficult, the project completed in 1938. Japanese build monument to commemorate this period of seven or eight years of Tsengwen Creek flood control projects for future generations to remember.

Flood Monument is located on the northern end of the Sigang bridge embankment, tapered monument body, height over two or more persons, but the inscription had been destroyed. Next to the monument is a leafy banyan tree, covers most of the monument, also because the viewing angle, the Sigang bridge passing motorists ignore its existence.

Despite gradually been forgotten, flood control monument still standing silently on Tsengwen Creek embankment, as a record to the river flooding, old village migration, also as the guardian of the Sigang residents live and work outside the dike, free from the suffering of floods.