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Local attractions - Sigang ChingAn palace

Sigang ChingAn Palace was built in 1712, has been repeatedly rebuilt for enlargement, in 1971, because of the temple walls peeling and columns corrosion, followed by the resolution for the sixth demolition and reconstruction next year, and decorate the whole temple with gold foil, inaugurated in 1987, in addition to repairing the temple appearance, in addition to reconstruct the temple, also adding three pilgrim houseing buildings, and named "Golden Big Temple." Today the temple looks majestical, regarded as one of the great temples in southern Taiwan.

It is said that the temple site was a water pool, with year-round spring gushing, water was clear, carp fishes swimming, very spiritual, after a certain fong-shuei teacher identified the site as a sacred shrine of carp fish, so the local people raised funds to build the palace, this is the origin of the establishment of the ChingAn Palace.

Sigang ChingAn Palace hold the fourteenth incense ritual since 1823 to this date, nearly two hundred years of history, ChingAn Palace helds once every three years the "Sigang Incense Ritual," known as "Taiwan first incense," a religious activity with very local Taiwan characteristics. During the ritual, pilgrims flocked to the town of Sigang, follow the ancient ritual ceremonies and village troupes, witness a century of history, it is worthy of your time to join the festivities.
Location:Tainan City Sigang District ChingAn Village.