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Delicious local food - Shrimp pork with rice.

After 10:30 every day, there is often a long line in the Sigang market, they are waiting for the famous "shrimp pork with rice", the stall is located in the southwest end of the Signag second public market, next to the public toilets, so a less elegant title "next to the toilet shrimp pork with rice" is established. It opens every morning at 10:30, usually sold out at about 12:00.

The owners are the second generation to take over, a pair of brothers, husbands and wifes four-people team. To keep the taste and freshness, the production processes begin daily from 8 am, so only 200 meals are made, often within only half an hour to sold out, late customers have to come back the next day.

The shrimp pork with rice stall original owner was their great-uncle Lee Chi-Nan, when the great-uncle retired in 1980, their father Chen Mao-Yuan took over this pork ribs with rice stall, with innovative ideas, Chen Mao-Yuan thinking about how to make more distinctive cuisine, after several attempts and improved taste, and finally developed this popular meal - shrimp pork with rice, sweet shrimp combined with pork, and immediately captured the hearts of customers, and soon, shrimp pork with rice become famous Sigang delicacy.

Next time if you come to Sigang second public market to eat a bowl of shrimp pork with rice, remember two things, first to check if the watch is still before twelve o'clock, and the second is to ask the local people, "Where is the next to the toilet shrimp pork with rice?" Then there is a chance to enjoy this delicacy.
location: Sigang second public market Tel: 06-7954566
Started since: 1980
Hours: 10:30 ~ 12:00