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Delicious local food - A-Liang salty rice pudding

Handmade, moderate hardness, taste great, only 100 bowls of A-Liang salty rice pudding made every day, people often come several times to have the opportunity to enjoy this traditional delicacy.
If you want to choose one of the most representative Sigang food, then 80 years of history of A-Liang salty rice pudding will certainly be overwhelmingly selected. Walking on the streets of Sigang, just asked A-Liang pudding, everyone will quick to point out store locations, and likely adding: "It is probably already sold out now!"

A-Liang salty rice pudding is so popular, mainly because the owner Huang Liang follows the traditional method, adheres to the teachings of his father, the traditional wood-burning stove to steam cook rice pudding, although it takes time, it preserves the old-fashioned flavor. Huang Liang and his wife got up at four o'clock every morning, cut mushrooms, fried onions crisp, grinding rice milk, prepared home fried material, cooking steamer, step by step, every step has decades of history, it seems simple, but there are unique lessons to be learned. Daily bowl of freshly cooked puddings open for sale at 6 am, it is often sold out before 10 am, then A-Liang and his wife have to say sorry to the customers.

Huang Liang remembers his father Huang Neng-An, who sold rice puddings as early as 1911, when the 20-year-old father set up stall in Sigagn market to sell rice pudding, oyster fritter,and popcorn, these three things were renowned Sigang food, but after Huang Liang took over the business, he thoutht that it was too complicated, finally he inherited only the rice pudding. It was 5 cents per bowl, now 25 NT dollars per bowl, along with more than 80 years of history in Sigang, experienced many changes, but the taste is always the same.

Besides salty rice pudding, there are pork potato soup and milkfish thick soup, also very delicious, worth a taste.

Location: Sigang District, near Zhongshan Road and ChingAn Road.

Tel: 06-7952163

Started since: 1911

Hours: 06:00 ~ 11:00 (or sold out)