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Sigang Chingan Palace incense ritual has been in existence since 1784, at Bafen Yide Palace (now called Guma, or Aunt, Palace), where the first ritual (commonly known as "cutting incense") was held. A three-year statute was made in holding this event, in April of the Lunar Calendar, although the exact date is not fixed for each ritual. Due to the Zengwun River floods, Yide Palace (Aunt Palace) ritual was stopped, so Sigang Chingan Palace took over the ritual ever since the fourteenth incense ritual (1823), Commonly known as "Sigang Incense Ritual", it is an incense ritual combined with religious activities.

From the first ritual to this date, a span of about two hundred years, the number of villages participating in ritual activities has gradually expanded from the original 13 to 24, then 36, 72, 78 villages, and now there are more than 90 villages participating in the incense ritual parade throughout Sigang, Cigu, Jiali, Anding, Annan, and other districts.