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Local attractions - Sigang Bridge (Tseng Bridge Sunset)

Sigang Bridge formerly called Tsengwen Creek bridge, referred to as "Tseng Bridge", formerly "Sigang port" site. Sigang Bridge length 882 meters, locates at Tsengwen Creek down stream, it was built in 1936, in the Japanese colonial period, it is called Yachiyo Bridge, since the construction is completed, it is the important bridge for the crossing transportation of Tsengwen Creek , after several widening and reconstruction, the bridge has spacious deck, there is a supporting red arched for water pipes, colorful, shape is also quite modern, visually it has became one with the Sigang Bridge, the most distinctive landmark in Sigang District.

"Tseng Bridge Sunset" since ancient times named one of the Nanying Eight Scenes, Tsengwen Creek flowing westward into beautiful Taiwan Strait, at dusk, people across the Sigang Bridge always release of tension and impatience during the day, and slow down a little bit, could not help but glance toward the west. Sunset in the distant mist misty fog, sometimes sparkling reflection in the water, some people love the beauty of sunset, park their car at the bridge, walk on the side of the embankment, overlook a vast garden, the four seasons of sunset, the indescribable charming scenery.