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Local attractions - A-Siang's home

A-Siang's home

Behind the Houying Elementary School Jinsha Campus west side, there is a building with surprisingly unique shape, like an exclamation point in a simple rural village. It is the home of Sie Li-Siang (A-Siang), she is the owner of "Five Dimes Shipboard", quite well-known in the food and beverage sector of Taiwan's personality restaurants, A-Siang is a native of Sigang District, also one of the first graduates of Jinsha Elementary School, she came back home to settle down in 1991,began her extraordinary "creative construction career."

Why built "Five Dimes Shipboard" restaurant? A-Siang answered: "One day I went to the beach to picked up driftwoods, on the beach there was a shipboard, on top of the board was a five- dime coin, I thought, if I can build a house some place, I will call it 'Five Dimes Shipboard'." Her homeland Xinliao Tribe was the starting point for her dream, A-Siang is a natural-born architect, she has no architectural theory, no background, no restrictions, unfettered, she uses driftwoods, stones, etc... with her unrestrained inspiration and creativity, follow the dreams, step by step to create the architectural kingdom of A-Siang.

Five Dimes Shipboard restaurant now has branched out in Neihu District, Taipei.

If you are interested in A-Siang's building, wish to visit personally, you can get an unique experience combined of nature and gourmet.

Now A-Siang has a workshop in Jinsha Village, doing creative ceramics, as well as the preparation and creation of building materials. Her work, her creativity, her story, and herself are the pride of Sigang District.

Location: Tainan City Sigang District Jinsha Village.